The Iranian Desert Attraction Travel Agency has started its activities in the field of tourism since the summer of 2016.

At this time, it has been able to offer a high level of service to the highest standards and has always provided the best service to its applicants.

By employing constructive feedback from members and establishing new communication bases with members, brokers and guides,
On the way to the ultimate goal.

We consider every challenge an opportunity and believe that our position as the most well-known pioneer in the tourism industry will be well established.

The Iranian Desert Attraction Travel Agency is able to conduct domestic and foreign tours specializing in tours of desert and Yazd, the ability to issue visas, domestic and foreign tickets, transfer, guide, hotel Booking, etc.

Best Regards, The Didaniha Travel Agency Support Team

Zoroastrians’ Tower Of Silence, Zoroastrians’ Fire Temple, Amir Chakhmagh Complex, Water Museum, Jameh Mosque, Historical District Of Yazd (The Greatest Alive Historic Texture Of The World) , Alexander’s Prison (Madraseh-e Zia'ieh), Dolat Abad Garden.

Chak-Chak -One of The most prominent of the Zartosites Temples-, Narin Castle -More than 4,000 years old- , Clar water storage, Clay Yakhchāl (Persian: یخچال‎ "ice pit"; yakh meaning "ice" and chāl meaning "pit"), Pigeon House

Gathering in Desert, Music,