Do-sar Cave

A massive cave room surveyed in Iran last year was confirmed to be the fourth-largest subterranean chamber in the world.

Iranian Cavers exploring a new cave have discovered one of the largest rooms in the world.

The limestone cave which contains it is known as Ghar-e-Dosar (Pashoom) and is located near Mehriz, Yazd in central Iran.

From the closest point that can be reached by car it is a further 1.5 km trekking the cave entrance. The area in which the cave is situated is an Environmentally Protected Area.

The cave entrance opens to the first shaft which is 19 m deep. From the base of this shaft the second and final shaft is reach after only 8m. This shaft enters the roof of a huge chamber and is 90m deep. The first 10m of this shaft is 5 m wide and the rest (80 m) is free hanging descent to the floor of the chamber.

The Main Chamber is 385 m long, 265 m wide and 70m high. This gives a floor area of 81.000 m², which ranks it as the 4th largest chamber in the world on March 2013.

Difference in height between the lowest and highest points in the chamber is 110 m. The floor of the chamber slopes towards the deepest part of cave where any water that enters the chamber/cave flows and sinks into mud and debris in this part of the cave. The floor of the main chamber is littered with large rocks that appear to have fallen from the ceiling.

According to’s list of the world’s largest rooms, this cave is the fourth largest in the world.