History Of  YAZD
Yazd within its unremitting history has been going through epochs and oblivions. We are not very much aware of it's pre-Islamic status and even after Islam had not been appreciated appropriately up to the Muzaffarid dynasty in which the first History of Yazd called "MARĀHEB-e-ElĀHI" by Mo'in-o-ddin Mo'alem-e-Yazdi was written.

YAZD, A Desert Paradise
The word Yazd means, feast and worship, the city of Yazd has resisted the modern urbanization changes and maintained its traditional structure. The geographical features of this region have made people developed special architectural styles. For this reason, in the older part of the city most houses are built of mud-bricks and have domed roofs. These materials served as insulation preventing heat from passing through.

Marco Polo and YAZD
Here is Marco Polo writing about Yazd:
Yasdi also is properly in Persia; it is a good and noble city, and has a great amount of trade. They weave there quantities of a certain silk tissue known as Yasdi, which merchants carry into many quarters to dispose of. The people are worshipers of Mohammad The holy prophet of Islam .

Geography Of Yazd
With an area of 72156 Square Kilometers, the province of YAZD is located in the center of Iran. According to the administrative division rules, it is divided into 7 districts, each include at least one town and a number of villages, all located in a particular area. These districts are: Abarkooh, Ardakan, Bafq, Maybod, Mehriz, Taft and Yazd.