Sepandarmazgan (Persian Love Day)

Traditionally, the earth is praised and women are venerated during this day which is celebrated on the 29th of Bahman in the Persian calendar.



Love has always been a crucial component of the Persian culture. Whether it's within the sweet verses of Persian Poets or through the spiritual love of Sufis for God, love was spread through Persia and Iran for millennia. But did you know that long before the creation of Valentine's Day, it existed in Persia a day to celebrate love and express respect toward women? This day is called "Sepandarmazgan", or more recently, "Esfandegan".

According to Iranian tradition, the day of Sepandarmazgan was held in the Great Persian Empire in the 20th century BC. This day is registered on Bahman 29th in the Iranian Calendar, only 3 days After Valentine. Also Sepandarmaz is Earth Guardian Angel. It is the symbol of humbleness, it means modest toward the entire creation. These are the qualities attributed to Earth that spreads beneath our feet, thus the symbol of modesty and love.

An expression of love and respect toward women
As a symbol of motherhood, Sepandarmazgan was a holiday to honor women and the concept of fertility. According to the custom, during this day all women were put on a pedestal and men offered them, gifts to demonstrate their respect. During that day, women were the sole sovereign rulers, listened and obeyed by all. Thus this day is an eternal manifestation of love and respect toward women.