Ash Reshteh

Happy Vegan Day.

Ash Reshteh is a thick vegetable and noodle soup which is traditionally prepared to welcome the Persian......


Happy Vegan, Vinegar and Authors' day (1th November)

We’re going to introduce you an old Iranian famous soup called Ash Reshteh (Persian: آش رشته).

This kind of soup that Iranian people call it Ash (Persian: آش) Is a thick vegetable and noodle soup which is traditionally prepared to welcome the Persian New Year and noodles are believed to bring good fortune for the following year. There are many different kinds of Ash in Iran but Ash Reshteh is the most famous and popular one among all. It is mostly served with whey and sometimes with vinegar.

So, it’s the perfect soup to serve in this day and have it while you’re writing a new novel. Why?

Because Today (1th November) is day of Vegan, Vinegar, And Authors’ day. So if you’re a Vegan and an author and you’re going to celebrate vinegar day too you can take this soup with vinegar (but make sure not to add whey to your soup because whey came from animals) and have it while you’re writing a new story or a memory about traveling to Iran.

Vegan Day first occurred on November 1st, 1994 as a way of commemorating the 50th anniversary of the UK Vegan Society and indeed the term “Vegan”. The Vegan Society was established in November of 1944; although the exact date was unknown. The President of the Vegan Society decided to elect the date of the 1st of November. This is now recognized as the date on which the Vegan Society was founded and on which Vegan Day would be observed.

Vinegar is the result of the natural fermentation process that creates wine when it is left unchecked or deliberately allowed to proceed. It has a distinctive flavor that is used to enhance the flavors of a million different recipes and is central to the pickling process that makes so many foods able to be preserved. You may be surprised to find out how many things contain vinegar; they cross the range from the fairly obvious pickle all the way to the somewhat surprising ketchup!

It was 1928, and the Illinois Women’s Club was meeting yet again to enjoy the writings of some of their favorite authors. Nellie Verne Burt McPherson decided to bring up the idea of having a day dedicated to American Authors and brought it up amongst her fellow club members. Nellie had spent her life as a teacher and an avid lover of literature, and one day had written a letter to Irving’s Bacheller while she was recovering in a hospital in WWI. She had thoroughly enjoyed Irving’s story “Eben Holden’s Last Day A’ Fishin”, and was overjoyed to receive an autographed copy of another story he had written. (Authors’ Day history)

If you want to know the Recipe of this delicious soup you can check this Web site