Heyran Pass

Heyran pass has its beauties in every season...

Heyran pass is a spectacular mountain road with 35 kilometers long that is located in the middle of the Astara road to Ardabil and is considered as one of the most beautiful routes in Iran. This pass is located in a Yaylak area (summer highland pasture) and is considered the last protected area of Gilan province.

At any spot of this area, there is an alluring landscape that can bring you unforgettable moments.

Nature drowned in the fog

The first thing that fascinates your eyes when passing through this road is the forest coverage that surrounds you. Bit by bit, you will also find green pastures that cuddle huts. In the meantime, grazing livestock or horses that go alongside it are added to the landscape to captivate a lasting image on your mind. Of course, not everything ends hither. All these beauties on this passage drown in the foggy road to create a dream paradise for you and this question might come to your mind that where did this fog come from at this altitude? In fact, the fog rolls in from the Caspian Sea.

The Heyran Tourism village

The Heyran Tourism village is a collection of amenities and entertainment that will give you moments of joy.

What is the best time to go?

Heyran pass has its beauties in every season. However, due to the mountainous area, it is better to travel there in the spring and summer. The minimum temperature of this area in the spring and summer is about 11 degrees Celsius, although the maximum temperature is 32 degrees Celsius

Getting there:

You can travel there from two cities of Astara and Ardabil. The distance from Astara to Heyran pass is about 30 kilometers and it takes about 40 minutes while from Ardabil, the distance is about 50 kilometers and it takes about one hour.