Meymand Rocky Village

Meymand, An Incredible Iranian Rocky Village

Meymand is a village in Kerman Province close to the city of Shahr-e babak where the founder of the Sassanid (226-651 CE) dynasty, Ardashir the Unifier (180-242 CE), is said to have been born. This village belongs to two or three thousand years ago; this is proved by the discovered pottery in this area. These pottery dates back to the Parthian, Sasanian and Islamic periods.

Some people believe that building of rocky village of Meymand is for the sake of the beliefs of its early inhabitants. They say that followers of this religion believed in invincibility and immortality, and thus built homes in the rocks that are still alive nowadays

Meymand resembles Cappadocia in Turkey and Kandovan Village in East Azarbaijan Province in that all three have stone-carved homes. Unlike Cappadocia which was abandoned by its residents, Meymand is still inhabited and while Kandovan was built to protect its population from attacks by the invading Mongol army in the 13th century, there is no evidence that Meymand ever came under attack.

The people of Meymand are agro-pastoralists, growing crops and raising cattle to make a living. Villagers also sell dry and fresh walnut, almonds and other nuts to tourists to supplement their income.

Meymand has extremely cold winters and mild summers. Villagers live a semi-nomadic lifestyle moving between four different settlements in the village throughout the year.