Ghorme Sabzi-Persian Herb Stew
2019-10-18 00:05:41

Happy Food Day.(16th october) Ghormeh Sabzi – Persian Herb Stew is one of the most delicious stews in Persian cuisine. A mixture of fragrant herbs and spices ...  

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Kalle Pache
2019-10-24 21:51:27

You can not get to know Iranian cuisine without trying “Kale Pache”, an Iranian classic dish, made with a sheep's entire head and its hooves.

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Ash Reshteh
2019-11-01 20:39:57

Happy Vegan Day. Ash Reshteh is a thick vegetable and noodle soup which is traditionally prepared to welcome the Persian......  

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Persian Tea
2019-12-29 16:50:30

Tea, is one of the most important cornerstones of Iranian culture...

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Shirazi Salad
2020-02-03 20:13:37

Shirazi Salad, or Salad-e Shirazi, is a simple and bright Persian cucumber and tomato salad that’s loaded with herbs ...

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2020-02-18 20:00:47

Faloodeh (Persian: فالوده‎, Romanized: fālūde) or Paloodeh (Persian: پالوده‎, Romanized: pālūde) is a traditional Iranian cold dessert similar to a sorbet.

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